And wear on my heart as I wait for a collab opp

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I like slogans for their simplicity. Clearly, others do too and this explains their proliferation in popular culture. Slogans tend to be catchy, cool, and confidant in their own assertions. What’s not to like?

In fact, I like…

And I blame the readers

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My writing anniversary

I started writing on Medium out of curiosity. Could I write? What would I even write about? Would anyone be bothered to actually read my writing? …

Interviews, power, collusion and isms

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The chance to be taken seriously

Interviews are evaluative by nature and necessity and the thing they should evaluate? Well, that’s simple. The suitability of the candidates who put themselves forward for consideration. …

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My discontent coincided with the start of this summer as I faced three whole months off, all to myself, freed of the commitments and rigors of work and routine, with less responsibility than I have ever known, not duty-bound to anyone or thing. …

Joanne de Róiste

A soul-searching, truth-seeking bibliophile who just happens to write. Living my life and looking at the beauty and chaos within and without.

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