Confined to home, I’ve caught the travel bug

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A month island hopping in Indonesia, visiting another world that continues to remain stubbornly mysterious and mystical and foreign to me, its magic and allure casting it’s spell over me, calling me, inviting me, enticing me, whispering to me that I must visit and see this land that sits on the other side of the earth, a world that seems otherworldly, so strange and exotic and fantastical that I have nothing to compare it to. I know, I should just go.

I find an itinerary. My passport is valid. I have leave coming up. This is my time. My responsibilities…

The panacea for life’s bullies


Life can throw curveballs and knock us right off course, hurling us into the eye of a storm without so much as a wink or a forewarning. The aftereffects can be almost too much to cope with, the new terrain an unfamiliar mess we must muddle around in just to get through each day, the chaos threatening to swallow us whole, and a way out proving too elusive for the shell-shocked and weakened mind.

Of course, it would be lovely to think that life would spare us such turmoil and leave us alone to get on with living, uninterrupted. But…

So let’s talk about information literacy

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The Challenge of the Digital Age

The digital age is characterized by unparalleled technological advances, chief amongst them the internet, allowing information to be democratized and giving voice and agency to the individual. This represents an opportunity to be truly transformative in creating a more fair world by ending the educational elitism of the past when access to knowledge was largely determined by social class and privilege equating to power and influence. But for all the new opportunities the digital age provides, it has undeniably become problematic and has given rise to new challenges that threaten society.

The online world continues to expand exponentially with estimates…

A poem

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My darkest moments have all been plotted,
My deepest fears have all been prodded,
My harshest critics, my most cruel kin,
Conspiring to take all, be all, have all:
My rights, my voice, my place, my life,
Arrogant know-it-alls but knowing no limits
Until all seems grey
And I am exposed,
Trusting and unquestionably loyal. …

Joanne de Róiste

A soul-searching, truth-seeking bibliophile who just happens to write. Living my life and looking at the beauty and chaos within and without.

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