Embracing the ‘empty-nest’

Today is Mother’s Day, at least here in Ireland. While some cynics argue that occasions like this are just innovative ways to sell more cards, flowers and boxes of chocolates I disagree; I think it is nice to designate days for recognizing the importance of certain relationships in our lives as it can become all too easy to take one another for granted. I received a card with an image of Moira Rose (Catherine O' Hara) from Schitt’s Creek. This made me smile as did the series. …

Cards all delivered, Condolences expressed, Flowers fade and die, And I... I am left alone, More alone than ever, No father or mother left alive, An orphan then, the next…

Joanne de Róiste

A soul-searching, truth-seeking bibliophile who just happens to write. Living my life and looking at the beauty and chaos within and without.

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